Undoubtedly the largest social network at the moment. There is a variety of opportunities for advertising campaigns and targeting there:

  • Brand Awareness и Reach
  • Generating interest – Traffic, Engagement, App installs, Video Views, Lead generations
  • Sales – Conversions, Catalogue sales

In addition, you can target advertisements by interest, gender, age, similar audiences, custom audience, remarketing.

A variety of formats are also available – single images, carousel, video, story, gallery, dynamic catalog.

Creating the right combinations can be the difference between making a campaign effective or spending your investment with no result. In addition, all campaigns must comply with the advertising policies and community policies. This is the moment when you need a specialist to create campaigns and minimize the possibility of banning accounts and pages.

Why trusting us? We manage partner campaigns with monthly budgets from several thousand to over a hundred thousand. We prefer to be with you from the very beginning, in order to be sure that everything is built correctly, and to grow together. Our payment is formed by two parameters – work volume and achieved results, this ensures that we have an interest in earning you more.


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